Joana Dias

Product Designer @ Noah
Previously @ Everledger

London & Lisbon

A friendly introduction

Hey! I'm Joana, a full stack digital designer.

I've spent the last 6 years doing front end development, UI/UX/Product design, creating design systems, conducting user research and setting up a design department from scratch at a new startup. My passion is helping companies craft experiences that help them reach their goals whilst bringing joy to their end users ✌️

Check out my work

UI / UX / Front-end Development

Blockchain supply chain transparency at Everledger

Building trust and transparency in high value asset supply chains.

Case study under construction

2017 - 2021

UI / UX / Front-end Development

Blockchain-powered fashion platform

MYMCQ is a luxury clothing label and app. The label represents decentralisation with no creative head at all; instead, creative control is given to a rotating cast of collaborators.

Case study under construction

2017 - 2021


What's it like to work with me? Find out from my peers!

"Joana’s passion for product design is unparalleled. To her, UX best practice is second nature. She works fast, but with unfailing precision. Her clean, intuitive designs are celebrated by customers, colleagues, partners, and investors alike.

While working alongside her in the product team at NOAH, I had the ideal counterpart. Joana is wholly dedicated to ensuring an optimal user experience and is equipped with an entire arsenal of customer research, analytics, and testing tools.

What’s even better, she’s always happy to share her knowledge, exchange ideas, and push for the best possible solution!"

Marija Riba
Product Manager at Noah | June 7, 2023

"From cognitive psychology to computer science Joana is always designing, creating & connecting something valuable. She is a budding entrepreneur, fun & a fast rising leader who is passionate about learning and uses her curiosity, and research as a discipline process. Balance, proximity and alignment is her super power!

At Everledger: there is a very thin line that separates a UX and a UI designer. So thin, in fact, that Joana mastered both roles. As UX she focused on creating the best user experience possible for the Everledger platform(s) which included the forever challenging blockchain, native app & website. On the other hand, Joana focused on bringing the best experience possible to the user and making it captivating."

Leanne Kemp
CEO at Everledger | July 22, 2021

"Joana is an absolute pleasure to work with. The energy and positivity she brings to the team are very inspiring. Her skills drive the projects in the right direction. She is always open to new challenges and trying new things out and is extremely hardworking. She is very creative and unique with her designs and has the skills to code the designs she creates which is extremely rare."

Vibha Joshi
Product Manager at Everledger | August 1, 2021

"During the 4 years of working with Joana, I have been absolutely amazed by her growth, both as a professional and as a leader. She joined as an intern and rose to take full ownership of design, UX/UI and Front-end critical components for some of our largest clients. She managed to do that while also studying at university, which I found extremely inspiring.

Joana is extremely reliable, passionate and has an innate sense of design. Her work was highly regarded by our clients and partners and she is truly a joy to work with."

Calogero Scibetta
Head of Business Development at Everledger | August 1, 2021

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Joana at NOAH, where she served as the UX/UI Designer responsible for designing the entire NOAH app. As the Head of Brand and Chief of Staff to the CEO, I collaborated with Joana on various design projects and app iterations, and I can confidently say that she is a highly skilled designer who always exceeded expectations.

Joana possesses a keen understanding of user behavior and how to create intuitive and user-friendly designs that meet project requirements and goals. Her attention to detail and ability to think creatively enable her to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

Joana demonstrated exceptional organizational and time management skills, always delivering work on time and keeping everything running smoothly. Her willingness to take on new challenges and explore new ideas made her a true asset to our team. Furthermore, her passion for creating exceptional user experiences and dedication to her craft set her apart as an outstanding UX/UI Designer.

I highly recommend Joana for any design project, whether it's a mobile app, website, or other digital platform. Her reliability, creativity, and commitment to excellence make her an ideal collaborator for any team seeking to deliver an outstanding user experience."

Brianna Honkawa d'Estries
Chief of Staff at Noah | April 25, 2023

"I have met few people that have the energy and passion that Joana has for design. I've had the pleasure of working with her for a few months, during which she motivated me to push myself and was always available when I needed guidance. I was always very impressed with Joana's natural gift for design, the way she advocates for the user-centred design process and translates data-driven decisions into mock-ups. She is a very talented designer that constantly looks for ways to push the boundaries on how to make the products she is involved with better, whilst at the same time she keeps refining her craft and UX/UI skillset. Joana is an awesome person to work with, she's inspiring, hard-working and extremely skilled."

Melissanthi Papacharalampous
Product Designer at Everledger | July 25, 2021

"I worked with Joana for many years at Everledger on many different projects and products. Joana has an amazing ability to digest ambiguous and complex business requirements and turn them into simple and elegant designs. She is also able to implement her designs into code using a few different frontend frameworks including React. She always follows a component-centric approach to her design and development. Joana is a really great person to have on your team as she brings endless energy and enthusiasm to anything she puts her mind on."

Patrick Woodhead
Tech Lead at Everledger | July 22, 2021